Artist Statement

I am most interested in the things I never planned to draw and I often come across images that I’m compelled to draw over and over again.

I am influenced by everything! Mostly I am influenced by people. I also take great interest in big cities, the flora, fauna and patterns in my environment, television, comics, fashionable shapes and colours.

Although I am often unplanned in my approach to paper or canvas, my work is always detailed. All work begins as a pencil sketch. My preference for final pieces has been to illustrate in watercolour and ink, or display as an animation cell on clear transparency. I usually lay an image on either a stark white background or a fairly plain single coloured background. I prefer this as my work is usually very detailed. I also think we see and hear background all day everyday and I prefer to remove it from the work to create a clear space for the image to live in.

My digital work is different from my analogue work in that it is simplified but bolder, brighter and has more detailed backgrounds. 



1989 – Art Contest, Saint Ignatius School Fete. Group Show – Third place Brisbane Australia.  (I was 7 years old and I won $3. I bought three pieces of fudge and one toffee with my winnings)

2002 – QY Media, Seymour centre. Group Show – Third place. Sydney Australia.

2004 – NoName, Garuva. Solo show, Brisbane Australia.

2005 – Inkd, Garuva. Solo show, Brisbane Australia.

2007 – Small Space Exhibition. Group Show – Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne Australia.

2008 – Melbourne Fringe Festival. Art in Windows – Sydney Road Brunswick. Melbourne Australia.

2010 – Mail Me Something. Group show – Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NY.

2010 – 2020. Group Show – Above Second Gallery, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.

2011 – The Sketchbook Project. Group Show – Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NY.  Tour: Austin TX, San Fransisco CA, Portland ME, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL.

2016  - Primary Arcade Group Show - May - Stock and Supply Store Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia

2016 - Primary Arcade Group Show - June - Scratch Bar Milton, Brisbane, Australia.

2016 - The Void. Group Show - July - The Gentle Void Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania Australia.